Pile Driving

We drive pilings of all sorts in Kenner, New Orleans, Slidell, Baton Rouge and the NorthShore (Covingotn & Mandeville) from large commercial projects to river front homes and docks. If you need a local pile driving expert who understands how to get even the toughest job done we are exactly what you are looking for in a pile driving expert.

Types of Piles by material

  • Timber piles
    • low initial cost
    • resistant to decay
    • tree-trunks
  • Steel piles
    • max length almost unlimited
    • vulnerable to corrosion unless treated
  • Concrete piles
    • precast or cast in place
    • prestressed
    • can be composite 
    • high load capacities
    • salt water may react adversely
  • Composite piles
    • Often made up of two or more materials and sometimes arched

Louisiana uses all of these types of pilings depending on the situation. We have experience in all types of pilings and can work with your engineers and contractors to get it done right.

pile driving new orleans
bulkhead installation new orleans

Bulkhead Repair & Install New

Bulkheads are common along waterfront properties here in the Gulf South for sure, and you have probably seen our work!

We repair and install bulkheads all over south Louisiana. Mandeville, Slidell, Houma, and pretty much everywhere you find water we can install a bulkhead for you or repair one that is failing.

Backyard Pile Driving

located in the Kenner – Metairie area we are familiar with how close the houses are around here!

With our specialized equipment we can get into the back yard and drive pilings where others cannot. 

Pilings for home additions, garages and sheds that need it can be difficult to do when you have overhead powerlines, existing structures and landscaping. We do this type of work all the time and will work with your contractor or engineer to help you get the work done on time.


Frequently asked questions…

For small jobs we might charge a minimum setup fee of 650.00 but to be honest because backyard pile driving is often very different from one location to another this price is subject to the level of difficulty. The pilings themselves cost money to transport let alone for us to purchase. typically it is a minimum charge of 500 per wood piling but please don’t hold us to that! Give us a call so we can discuss it. You’ll get a great price and a better understanding of what is involved.

This depends on where you are at, and the type of material that the piling is. We can help you more when we understand those two things. Wood pilings are about 35 ft long and we drive them in until they plant themselves so to speak. Again, calling us the best answer!

We travel all over Louisiana!

Your neighbors may feel it, but we monitor these levels and record them when necessary. This really depends on the ground we are driving these pilings into.

Sometimes you do not need a permit specifically to do flat work or drive the pilings themselves but you will almost certainly need one to build anything on them and documentation of what was done. You should start your project with a full set of plans and a permit for the intended project. if you need pilings you can plan on needing a permit – this is highly recommended. Large commercial projects always have them, but some home owners are just not sure how to start when planning an addition. Find a qualified engineer and contractor to help you makes these decisions! When you are ready we can drive the pilings.